The Importance of Brass Tube in Music Instruments

Enter the doors and hallways of Asian houses and you will notice chimes hanging on the doorway. These chimes produce a relaxing sound. Traditional Asian beliefs say wind chimes drive away bad spirits. Nevertheless, wind chimes are also used for decoration. In the United States, wind chimes serve as an adornment in front doors of houses. They welcome guests and signal arrival and entry in doorways.

Wind chimes are made up of brass tubes and pipes. Tubes and pipes are cut in different lengths. These enable production of tones and notes in wind chimes. Luster in brass surface add appeal in wind chimes. Brass manufacturers create designs and styles on brass metals. These designs and styles serve as an adornment in brass chimes.

There are different types, sizes, and colors of wind chimes. Prices of wind chimes depend on the quality of brass tubes and pipes. Generally, thick tubes are more expensive than thin ones. They produce a louder and clearer sound. Likewise, heavily-adorned brass tubes are more costly than simple tubes. These are dyed with different colors. Others place stickers and drawings on brass surfaces. Colored glasses and sequins are added adornments in wind chimes.

Brass tube suppliers provide high-quality materials to manufacturers of music instruments. They ensure that metals are evenly distributed around the pipes. Even distribution of metals is important in wind chimes. This enables chimes to produce different tones and notes of sound. It helps distinguish one tone from another. Likewise, tubes with similar metal structure have equal loudness. Good wind chimes have brass tubes that generate unique sounds at equal levels.

Moreover, brass tubes are not only used for wind chimes. Brass instruments have been used since the fourteenth century. Manufacturers of music instruments use brass tube for flutes, trombones, and saxophones. Brass tubes produce good sound and music. At the same time, they have a lustrous surface. The glossiness of brass metals makes cleaning and maintenance of music instruments easy. Unlike wood and other metals, stains on brass surface can easily be removed.

Brass tube suppliers ensure high-quality brass materials. They work together with manufacturers of music instruments to produce music-specific types of brass materials. May it be a wind chime, flute, or saxophone, brass metals are a must-have in creating music instruments.

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Wireless Doorbell Intercom Plays a Wide Variety of Tones and Chimes

Doorbell buttons can be real fancy or they can be plain. Some have lights on the button. These ones are easy to see at night. Some aren’t a button at all, they are sensors that you just have to touch. You can purchase ones that are circles or long rectangular shaped ones. You can get different colors also. If something happens to your wireless doorbell intercom button, you can buy replacements. These are very inexpensive to replace and you can buy them at any hardware store. The selections vary depending on where you live and what store you have in your area.

It used to that all doorbells were the same; they all looked the same and they all sounded the same. However times have changed and so have doorbells. Today there are wireless doorbell intercoms and door chimes of just about every size. They also play a wide variety of tones and chimes. You can choose from a door chime that offers an elegant tone for your visitors, or show your school spirit and get a wireless doorbell intercom that plays the anthem of your favorite college team.

A wireless doorbell intercom will run between $ 15 and $ 150, depending on make and model. They can be either battery operated or a plug-in model and their ranges run between 30 feet up to 300 feet. Some models play one or two songs while others can hold up to 50 different tunes at a time. A quality door chime will not only play certain songs, but will come with various sounds such as a foghorn or a gong. Some can even sound like a cuckoo clock.

It is also possible now to add a decorative doorbell button to the exterior of your home. There are traditional fixtures that have the look and feel of a typical button, and there are highly decorative buttons that add a touch of class to the outside of your home. A doorbell button can have a wooden veneer look, can blend in with any aluminum or vinyl siding, or have a metallic finish. They can be symmetrical or come in a variety of shapes ranging from classic and traditional to modern and whimsical.

Some manufacturers have even come up with a way for the hearing impaired to enjoy the advantages of a wireless doorbell intercom. There are now door chimes that come with strobe lights for those who have a hard time hearing. They can also be used for those times when there is a houseful of people and hearing the doorbell over the noise is almost impossible. These models can also be set up to work with the telephone and will flash when a call comes in.

There are a wide range of wireless doorbell intercoms that can add a touch of class to any home decor. Choose from classic elegance or something more modern. You might also go with something that’s completely out of the norm. Whatever you choose let your doorbell tell your guests a little something about your personal style.

There is no good reason to miss a visitor again. The days of someone standing on the doorstep knocking repeatedly, only to turn around and leave thinking no one is home, can be over. It is as simple as installing a wireless doorbell intercom or door chime equipped with a doorbell button. These units can easily be self installed or professionally installed.

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The Whitechapel Bell Foundry – Let the Chimes Ring Out

The Whitechapel Bell Foundry was born amid the hustle and bustle of London’s East End in 1570. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the First ruled England in those days, her concern then being the influx of Catholics into the country.

At that time, the Master Founder was Thomas Kempe, who ran the company from 1553 until Robert Mot took over the task in 1574.

It’s since been discovered that the Whitechapel Bell Foundry was in continuous production since 1420, a mere five years after the English longbowmen of Henry V cut the French to pieces at Agincourt. The original Master Founder was a gentleman named Robert Chamberlain, and the Founders may be traced all the way up until 1570 and of course up to the present day.

The Foundry has seen its share of horrors. Nowadays, surrounded as it is by modern edifices, it’s a listed building, Grade Two, and may not be altered in any way. But back in 1888, when Jack the Ripper stalked his victims through those terrible streets, the sights we’d have seen and particularly the smells were far different.

Prostitution was rife, pubs abounded, and those who couldn’t afford a room simply slept in the gutters. Hanbury Street, where the Ripper claimed Mary Anne Nichols, his first victim, was a mere ten minutes walk from the Foundry.

The number of bells that the Foundry has turned out over the years isn’t listed, understandably so. Thousands upon thousands, all shapes and sizes. Two well known bells have cracked. The Liberty Bell in 1752, and Big Ben. Liberty was locally re-cast, but in 1976, the Foundry replaced it for the bicentenary of American Independence.

Big Ben, at thirteen and a half tons and cast in 1858, the biggest bell ever, cracked because they used a hammer that was too heavy. It’s cracked to this day, but re-tuned, and the fault is what gives it its characteristic sound.

The main business of the Whitechapel Bell Foundry has always been the making of church bells, although bells of all shapes and sizes are turned out. Hand bells are a small but important part of their business. They provided sets for the New England Guild of Hand bell Ringers in 1937, and the American Guild of English Hand bell Ringers in 1954.

In fact, their export business started in about 1747, when they sent a set of bells to St. Petersburg in Russia. The present foundry buildings replaced the older ones in 1670, after the Great Fire of London. They survived the Blitz, the Company turning to the manufacture of castings for the Ministry of War.

A tragedy was the bombing of St. Mary, known as the ‘White Chapel’ from which the area took its name. Needless to say, after the War, the company was very busy indeed repairing and re-casting bells for a large number of churches, not the least being for St. Mary le Bow, and the church of ‘Oranges and Lemons’ fame, St. Clement Danes.

Following the Liberty Bell, Christ Church, Philadelphia enjoyed the first change ringing peal in 1752. In 1764, St. Michaels in Charleston, South Carolina received a set. In 1964 it was the turn of the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. with a set of ten, and Toronto Cathedral had a set of twelve in 1997.

This is an almost ridiculously short overview of a company that’s been in existence for a total of very nearly 590 years, but it’s well worth drawing attention to it and certainly worth a visit by anyone travelling to England

My name is Mike Bond and as a retired clock maker, one of my passions is, naturally enough, clocks. How they’re made, the mastermen from past centuries, and the genius of their inventions. I invite you to visit to join me in my interest

For A Good Chime, Call Woodstock!

Woodstock wind chimes are the elite of the wind chime world. After all, how many places can offer you Chinese wind chimes, Mozart wind chimes, Bach wind chimes, and chimes designed and built to play tones from scales of musical styles from all around the world and throughout history? The Woodstock chime is quickly coming to be synonymous with high quality, exacting design, and many years of customer satisfaction. There really is no sound quite like that of a Woodstock wind chime; you’ll know that the first time you ever hear one.

Woodstock Gregorian Wind Chimes

Woodstock Gregorian wind chimes come in five different sizes, from the 13-inch “Little” chime to the 56-inch “baritone” model. Each Woodstock Gregorian wind chime features eight precision-tuned tubes of silver anodized aluminum manufactured to play musical tones from the scales used by medieval monks and priests to sing the chants used in the worship of European churches and cathedrals during the Middle Ages.

The pure, clear tones from the chimes combine to create a delightful atmosphere of calm contemplation and serenity. Just the touch you need in your busy life! The baritone Woodstock Gregorian wind chime is made with cherry wood, and the other four models are made from ash. Woodstock Percussion uses only renewable, non-endangered hardwoods to craft their wind chimes, and each tube is tuned using a sophisticated, computer-based method to arrive at the perfect intonation for maximum clarity, resonance, and blend.

Create a Peaceful Space of Your Own

Though they are some of the best selling chimes Woodstock offers, the Woodstock Gregorian wind chimes are only one series of the more than twenty offered by Woodstock Percussion. Other chimes include the Feng Shui series, the Composer series, the Precious Stones series, the Seashore chimes, the Windsinger series, and many more. Like the Gregorian wind chimes, all Woodstock chime series come in different sizes.

Different colors of aluminum tubes are also available, to offer you the maximum flexibility as you choose the perfect chimes for your decorating scheme. Each Woodstock chime is engineered for maximum clarity of pitch, purity of tone, and perfect blend with the other chimes in the set.

When you listen to Woodstock chimes, you’ll begin to realize that not only color and shape, but also sound can create a mood and an impression for any space, whether it be outdoors, in an enclosed patio, or in a room of your home. Browse the website for Woodstock Percussion, and see how you can create a perfect space for relaxation and contemplation by using Woodstock wind chimes.

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Wind Chimes: A Charming Way To Enhance Your Home Decor

When it comes to complimenting a patio or adding interest to a flower garden, or any other area of the landscape, nothing is quite as charming or alluring as the haunting melody of wind chimes. But wind chimes aren’t just for patio or garden yard decor. There are a variety of ways to enhance interior decor while enjoying the benefits of feng shui in the home using just the right set of wind chimes.

The mystic world of the Chinese is alluring because of their focus on balance and calm. This is especially true in regards to nature. The vital element in their walk through gardens, for instance, is a type of partnership with nature. Even their unique home decor is designed to encourage tranquility, and a harmonious balance.

Using the five elements of earth, fire, metal, water, and wood, feng shui embodies both the good and the bad for a more perfect balance. Feng shui enhances a sense of unity through sight, and touch, as well as meditative, disciplined intellect.

This perfect balance for more positive energy flow can also be achieved through peaceful, tranquil sounds. The fluid, melodious sounds made by tuned wind chimes can counteract negative irritating background noise to create a more peaceful environment.

A serene garden, patio, or landscape setting can be enhanced by the soothing visual effect created by wind chimes, stirred by the wind. Their harmonizing tones glide across the air current, stimulating the senses and permeating the whole area with peaceful, soothing sounds. Traffic and other intrusive noises have been masked, and feng shui has been achieved.

That same calming effect achieved by a wind chime can also be realized inside of the house. Whether you are into country home decor, Southwest decor, or flirt with a more sophisticated interior design, just the right set of wind chimes can add that personal, creative touch for a more peaceful, relaxing environment.

Today’s tuned wind chimes come in many sizes and designs. Various materials and metals are incorporated, using a careful design to achieve the most harmonious sound possible. This magic formula exploits the benefits of perfectly tuned sounds that are both therapeutic and relaxing. The annoying clang and clink of yesteryear’s cheap, out of tune wind chimes create a negative energy flow and irritates neighbors

The best sounding wind chimes are tuned using the pentatonic scale. Blues and folk musicians, and Eastern cultures, as well as many others, prefer this scale for its harmonious versatility and compatibleness tonality. When the air current captures the tuned pipes, each note made is compatible to the others; each “song” unique and captivating.

The different lengths of pipe used create baritone, alto, tenor, or soprano tones. Reminiscent of church bells; romantic, soothing, and haunting.

The key to the tone created by the striker or clapper when it hits the pipe is in the contact point. Points of contact on the pipe called “anti-nodes” vibrate most and produce a fuller sound, free from tinny-sounding after notes.

Crafters of quality, perfectly tuned wind chimes take advantage of this scientific factor. They produce a product not only pleasing to the eye, but pleasant to the ear, as well. Today’s conscientious consumer has a variety of models, sizes, and price ranges from which to select. Wind chimes are made from various woods, metals, and other materials, to appease any taste, and compliment any surrounding.

Lawn and garden centers, gift shops, specialty shops, and many department stores carry a wide assortment of wind chimes from which to choose. However, many persons opt to purchase wind chimes online, for convenience and competitive pricing.

Enhance your home decor with a carefully selected wind chime that produces the note range you most prefer. Some people like combining the benefits of two different sets of wind chimes, blending the lower tones of one with a lighter melody of another.

When used along side an indoor floor or table top waterfall or fountain, the whole atmosphere of the room becomes peaceful and calming to frazzled nerves. Chimes with small diameter pipes produce a higher octave, and best complement the sounds made by water. Family rooms, dens, foyers, or a cozy corner of the bedroom are especially enhanced by the creative use of a wind chime.

According to early folklore, wind chimes were once hung over people’s doorways to keep evil spirits at bay. Modern day home owners can use wind chimes to add visual charm and deter “negative energy,.” by offering the listener soothing sounds by which to relax.

Feng shui suggests northwestern areas near statues or archways as good places to hang single specimens of wind chimes. Where ever they are placed, hang them where they will not interfere with desired mood or other pleasing sounds already present. Use wind chimes as a compliment, compatible to the area, and to enhance other elements.

Wind chimes hung on a distinctive hanger on a patio near the house can be enjoyed both indoors and out. Their harmonizing, seductive sound will both relax and tantalize all who hear; sweet, rich notes both you, and nature, will enjoy.

Enhance the atmosphere in your home while adding to the beauty of your interior design. Melodic wind chimes…a unique and charming way to compliment any style decor, inside or out.

Rachel Betzen operates an on-line wind chimes store and is committed to social and environmental business practices. Rachel is grateful for the change of pace that comes from managing chronic illness, along with it’s challenges and many blessings. She enjoys gardening and the practice of writing in nature.

Be Stunned With The Marvelous Craft Of Glass Wind Chime Designing

A master craftsman inserts his blowpipe into the glory hole, a small opening in the side of a roaring furnace. The sphere of molten glass he extracts glows like the setting sun. A gossamer thread flashes orange between furnace and rod and is gone. The master craftsman rolls this molten glass, called a gather, on a metal table, and the sphere becomes a cylinder.

With one short breath into the hollow rod, he makes the gob swell, then rolls it again, raises it, examines it, and thrusts it back into the fire. This is the process by which craft makers create bottles and other glass-based crafts that are both functional and aesthetic in presentation.

Venice was one of the first countries, which has made a great move to make the first glass creations in the world. Since glass has been made from antiquity in many parts of the world, what makes Murano glass, or Venetian glass, so special? It is thought that local craftsmen succeeded in refining their art to a high degree because of Venice’s frequent contact with other regions that had long-standing glassblowing traditions, such as Egypt, Phoenicia, Syria, and Byzantine Corinth.

Indeed, methods and products of the oldest-known Venetian factories seem to owe much to their Oriental counterparts. Techniques used in Murano elevated the expertise of the island to a level perhaps never reached by other European centers. Certainly, through the years the development of glass art making has approached the entire world.

At the turn of time, the plausible character of glass to serve as light refractors that has a great effect on pieces of glasses that are used to make interesting pieces of art dcor has turned man crafts men inspired enough to use the said material in creating different pieces of art work that are both aesthetic and functional in design. One of the most interesting pieces of art that had ever been created with the use of glass is that of the glass wind chime.

Fascination over Glass Wind Chimes

The fascination over glass creations has enticed many craftsmen to creating the different designs that could showcase the beauty of glasses and the enticing character it has in making a great display of light which is most often than not the most attractive feature of glass crafts. For this reason, the creation of the glass wind chime has also gained much popularity.

Glass wind chimes are known to be of great designs that are made to allure the visions and interest the hearing senses of the humans who are to appreciate the said artistic crafts of the makers. Stained glass wind chimes are of much great popularity among the many types of glass wind chimes produced today.

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Enhance Your Wealth By Choosing A Bamboo Wind Chime

Bamboo wind chimes can help transform your home into one that is not just bare or quite into one which looks more decorated and where pleasing sounds can make people relax more. In fact, more than three thousand years have passed since the first wind chimes were used by ancient Chinese, but today people can still enjoy the same calmness that the ancient Chinese enjoyed in those early days.

Wind chimes produce very soothing sounds and they should act as a reminder that you need to take time off from busy schedules to relax as well as enjoy the musical tones that some wind chimes produce so well.

Bamboo wind chimes in fact, produce more than soothing sounds because the wood that they are made from is also known to provide its own benefits. As a matter of fact, proper use of a bamboo wind chime helps in creating more wealth, improves health and generally makes people feel better because of many healing powers associated with bamboo.

You can enhance your wealth by choosing a bamboo wind chime that has eight hollowed out tubes that are connected with one of those enchanting Chinese trading ships which too should be made from bamboo. To get maximum effect it requires that the ship as well as the tubes is positioned in a manner to produce the desired effect. It is well known that between six and eight bamboo tubes will create more positive energy and will improve your luck as well; five tubes on the other hand will help save you from bad luck.

You can place your bamboo wind chime wherever it suits you though the best place to hang it is in a corner where there is a lot of breeze which in turn will result in more soothing sounds. If you are using the bamboo wind chime for Feng Shui purposes it may then be necessary to position the chime to face a certain star, especially one that represents fire.

The wood element of bamboo wind chimes will, when facing the star (fire element); ensure that good luck enters into your home. However, makes sure not to try the same positioning with metal chimes as that, it is believed, will only cause bad luck to affect you.

If you wish to install a bamboo wind chime in your front yard then it may be necessary to choose large bamboo wind chimes as they will provide sufficient sounds and also look great. They do not cost too much but will certainly provide you with relaxation whenever you step out of your home.

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Wireless Craze ? Wireless Door Chime

Almost everything comes both ways now—wired and wireless, with the latter being the trend. There are indeed undeniably numerous advantages that comes with anything wireless, so companies just keep getting rid of the wires in virtually every common household item, starting with phones all the way to internet connections. Door chimes now come in wireless forms, too.

Among the benefits of wireless door chimes, you can definitely count on the following:
Ease of installation. No internal wiring means no hassle installation. You just need to mount the button on your front door or gate and it will send signals to the portable receiver inside your house which in turn blurts out the nice chimes you hear every time the button is pressed.

Convenience. Because of the utter lack of wiring, you don’t need to make sure no wires are in the way or exposed. You don’t need an electrician to install it too. Mice and other pests can’t gnaw on signals, so your door chime is more pest-resistant.

Portable. Everyone’s gone through house remodelling hell when it comes to securely and safely removing, rewiring, and reinstalling wired devices. Well, you can be sure your wireless door chime won’t cause you more headaches than you already have to deal with when that time comes.

Personality with functionality. Who ever said wireless door chimes stopped at being wireless and portable? They can be personal and stylish, too. Much like a key chain can boast its owner’s views, opinions, or characteristics, wireless door chimes can act the same way. And of course they’re not limited to houses; they can spice up mobile homes and places of business where wiring might not be convenient.

Customizable chimes. The same way wireless door chimes’ designs can be a homeowner’s personal touch to their homes, their sound can add even more character and style. The usual and over-used ‘ding-dong’ chime isn’t the only option anymore. You can even choose to play a recorded message or play actual music every time someone’s at the door.

Price. Need nothing flashy? You can get a good wireless door chime for $ 20. If you’re looking for a lot of flair, you can go for some as expensive (and feature-packed) as $ 200. Prices are affected by transmission range, design, customizable chimes, and others. On average, the range a wireless door chime can cover is 75-150 feet.

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3 Tips For Choosing a Wind Chime

There are so many wind chimes available. It’s an art that goes back for centuries. The Chinese believe that proper placement will increase your prosperity, and the wrong placement will call the dead. The Celtics believed that the sound of bells warded off evil spirits. And everyone on earth has an opinion about wind chimes. Some people like the clear sound of tuned metal. Others prefer the calm, earthy sound of wood. Still others enjoy the gentle tinkling sound of glass.

First, figure out where you want to put the wind chime. If you need to have the chimes inside, you will want to place it near a window or a door. How wiill the sound impact any neighbors? If the wind chime is hung outdoors, is it going to be near a gentle breeze or do you need to add some protection against large wind gusts?

Second, figure out the sound that you like to hear. What is soothing for you may not be so soothing for someone else. There are those that love the calm earthy sound of bamboo clacking. Their sound doesn’t carry as far as metal ones.

Glass wind chimes will have a higher pitch and are not tuned. They look very pretty with the sun streaming through the colored glass. Their sound also does not carry as far. Glass wind chimes are more decorative, and can add a shot of color anywhere.

Metal wind chimes are made of metal like aluminum, copper or steel, and are often tuned together to provide lovely harmony. They’re also usually of the same pitch. Their sound can carry. It’s a more clear sound that lasts longer.

Some websites that sell wind chimes now have available sound samples for the wind chimes. Listen to a few of them. You’ll be amazed at how different they can sound as well as how that sound impacts you.

Finally, check out the store you’re buying it from. Are they an established business? Do they warranty what they sell? How easy is it to contact the manufacturer in case you need to have the wind chime restrung or repaired? Accidents do happen.

When investing in a good wind chime, think about the aesthetics of where it should go and how it should sound, and then buy from a reputable dealer to ensure that your enjoyment will last a very long time.

Lara lives in Silicon Valley and tries to bring beauty in every nook and cranny.
Woodstock Percussion Wind Chimes
Music of the Spheres.

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Feng Shui Career Cures – How to Use Wind Chimes in Feng Shui For Career Advancement and More

Feng Shui Career Cures

In Black Sect Feng Shui, we use wind chimes for a number of cures. The right sounds can effectively adjust the chi of a space, promoting positive attention and improving our mood. You can affect different areas of your life — including your career and your reputation — by hanging chimes in different rooms. Feng Shui Career Cures

Additionally, wind chimes hung between a front door and a staircase, which may result in money rapidly leaving a home, can slow the flow of chi and improve your finances.

Any wind chimes you select to hang for a Feng Shui cure should:

– have metal tubes that produce a clean, sweet, clear sound
– use five tubes to represent the Five Element Processes
– be pleasing for you to look at and not out of place with your home’s decor

Let’s look at how chimes can help you improve the different areas of your life, including your:

– Career
– Fame & Reputation
– Energy
– Income
– Wisdom
– Relationships with Others

Fame: Wind chimes can help enhance your reputation and promote career growth by calling attention to the gifts you have to offer the world.

Wisdom: Wind chimes hung in the wisdom and learning portion of the trigram (when you lay the ba gua over a single room or your whole house) can promote clear thinking and improve your intellect. Feng Shui Career Cures

Career: If you lack energy, even after waking up from a full night’s sleep, and have already ensured your bed is in the command position of the room, hang wind chimes in the center of your bedroom. This can help fight depression and give you the energy to pursue your goals.

Relationships with others: A view of your stove from the front door creates dangerous chi that could provoke fights, arguments, accidents and also negatively affect your family’s health. Place wind chimes at the front door or over the stove — or anywhere between the door and the stove — to counteract these negative affects.

As you can see, since all areas of our lives are tied together, hanging wind chimes in certain areas of your home can enhance your career, fame, reputation, relationships with others, and even increase your income.

Other Sounds to Adjust the Chi in Your Home

You can also introduce other sounds into your home to adjust the chi.

-Playing music (different types according to your mood)
-Hosting friends for a karaoke party enlivens a space Feng Shui Career Cures

Getting bad luck recently? Not smooth in life?

Get your Feng Shui Career Cures and change your luck now!

Try this Ultimate Feng Shui Solution and create Happiness, Health and Prosperity!

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