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The wind chime has been known to man from very early times though its present avatar is a lot different than the string of shells that were strung up from trees in ancient times. In the beginning they served as quite crude types of home decorative items, but today they are available in much fancier forms. The spring time in particular is the right time to install a wind chime though it does have many interesting other uses as well.

Scares birds

An interesting piece of information related to the wind chime is that though it makes sounds that are pleasing to human ears, the same sounds, according to some, can scare away birds. These chimes also have religious appeal in countries such as China where they are used in temples. It is also common belief that installing a wind chime in the doorway of a home will bring good luck to the first visitor to that home.

Some manufacturers claim that their wind chimes are precision tuned though in fact these chimes are just shaped in tubular form rather than have irregular shape. You can change a wind chime’s tone by altering the length as well as diameter of its pipe and it is also possible to get most pleasing sounds by ensuring that the pipe is made from copper.

Some special kinds of tones produced by a wind chime can even provide you with some healing effects and if you are looking for a bargain buy you should look for them in department stores where the prices are competitive and choices varied. In fact, these chimes make excellent gifts, especially on occasions such as Mother’s Day and even on anniversaries since they have good symbolic value. However, the Bible does prohibit use of chimes and so, before presenting one makes sure that you are not giving it to a very religious minded person.

To make a wind chime sound especially sweet requires that the point where the striker hits the pipe is adjusted till the optimum sound is produced. So, if you want sounds that will help to calm your mind and provide relief from stress and also awaken your spirit then go ahead and purchase a good wind chime. In fact, some very pleasing sounds are produced by bamboo wind chimes and these soft sounds are earthier than what is obtained from metal chimes. Using natural bamboo ensures that you are tapping nature’s resources rather than using man-made metal chimes.

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The Benefits Of Hanging Bell Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are made from hanging tubes, rods or other objects. These are usually made of metal or wood. Wind chimes are often hung outside a building, on the window or door to be played by the wind. These chimes give visual and aural effects.

Bell wind chimes can bring a new element to your outdoor space. The sound of the bells, gentle and soothing to the ears, adds great ambiance. In olden days, these were believed to bring good luck and frighten off evil spirits. Feng Shui experts also dictate the same principles.

These are usually hung because their gentle, tinkling sounds have certain benefits. The sounds are soothing and calming, providing a peaceful background sound while working or playing. There is also evidence that these gentle sounds improve one’s health. Furthermore, the sounds bring such great comfort to a troubled and worried mind.

It is a well known theory that music can bring great benefits to patients. Some patients who have high blood pressure, experience relief after hearing certain kinds of music. The sound of the soothing music encourages one to relax and rest. It brings such a peace of mind that no other sound can bring. This effect is beneficial in the relief of many physiological health problems.

Psychologically, bell wind chimes are also of great benefit. Imagine sitting in a patio, with so many things running through your mind. Ever wonder about financial and emotional problems, then the breeze blows and you hear the soft sound of a musical extravaganza. Don’t you feel such calm? True, the sound of the chimes are so magical that they take you to another place more peaceful and serene.

There are many places where one can hang your musical entourage. Hang one where you’ll be able to enjoy them. Hang them in your garden and listen to the bells as you tend to your plants. This will surely make you feel one with nature. Or you could hang them in your deck or patio, and hear the sounds as you feel the wind on your skin. Imagine listening to the sounds of the bells while watching the sun go down or the stars in the night sky. You could also hang them near the pool in your back yard and listen to the harmony while swimming. Now, that is truly relaxing.

Bell wind chimes are truly wonderful. With all the benefits they can provide, they are truly a great purchase.

Listen to the soothing sounds of wind chimes for a relaxing evening. Bells wind chimes are music to your ears.

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Restoring Peace With Wind Chimes

So after a hard days work, you no longer have to take back your office troubles home. In that case, why not bring home the relaxing sound of an enchanting wind chime? Yes, wind chimes are the perfect instruments for introducing peace and calm into our already overworked lives. For reducing anxiety and stress that slowly creeps its way into our daily lives, wind chimes can make a difference.

First, you start by thinking of the perfect place for you to hang your wind chime so that you can lounge on your favorite chair while sipping on a cup of hot chocolate and unwind from a busy, harrowing day while listening to the gentle, soothing tones produced by the chime. Create your own little stress free place by simply putting a cozy chair in a small corner of your bedroom. Put in a small desk fan to move the air and hang your wind chime around your seating area. Now, sit back and take in the delightful peace and tranquility that envelopes you. How many people have the time to even think of such an idea?

Wind chimes have always been known for their mysterious abilities to heal our bodies and souls. Since all of us are one with nature and since there isn’t a greater feeling to be received than relaxing in the midst of nature’s unsurpassable beauty, listening to the calming resonance of a wind chime will definitely lead you into a state of sheer bliss.

Not only can wind chimes provide us with an escape within the confines of our homes, but they also prove to be magical in the outdoors. Hang them on your porch, gazebo, patio, deck, and veranda or in any of your special places. Place them in your flowerbeds or in your gardens for that uniquely spectacular look.

Not only are they capable of calming and relaxing you, but they also act as house and garden decors. The birds absolutely adore wind chimes and these chimes have a way of attracting these feathered friends. At times, you will notice that they seem to join in with the tinkling sounds, especially when the breeze is blowing and the chiming begins.

There are different types and styles of wind chimes today, and the choice and selection available in the market is absolutely overwhelming. So, the next time you’re out shopping for the perfect wind chime and you have to decide on the type and style of the instrument, then there are just no guidelines and rules to it. Choose a wind chime that will make you smile, something that will remind you of your near and dear ones. From the most exotic, grandest wind chime to the smallest, most whimsical one, your wind chime should always be unique to you.

Rachel Betzen operates an on-line wind chimes store and is committed to social and environmental business practices. Rachel is grateful for the change of pace that comes from managing chronic illness, along with it’s challenges and many blessings. She enjoys gardening and the practice of writing in nature.

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A Beautiful Sound From Woodstock Wind Chimes

Few sounds are more relaxing than the soft tolling of wind chimes in a gentle breeze. Musician Garry Kvistad has taken this one step further, however: by choosing particular musical notes and combining them with precision-tuned wind chimes, his Woodstock wind chimes can help to create a specific mood. The purity of sound that comes from Woodstock wind chimes sets these chimes apart from many others on the market. Designed with the precision of a percussion instrument, Woodstock wind chimes are the perfect addition to your porch, weekend cabin, or the breezeway in your house.

Chimes for Every Mood

Woodstock wind chimes are crafted using tones and scales from many different world cultures, one of the smart features that sets them apart. Whether you want to create an exotic feeling, a light, upbeat, happy atmosphere, a calm, contemplative space, or a unique, witty feeling, Woodstock has a perfect chime for you. By using precision tuning to produce the purest note when the chimes are struck, Woodstock wind chimes create a truly unique sound that can evoke everything from ancient Greece to the sprightly music of Scott Joplin.

As a professional musician who still tours and performs around the world, Garry Kvistad has meticulously researched the actual musical scales and intervals for the music of a broad range of world cultures, present and past. His attention to detail and craftsmanship insure that your Woodstock wind chimes will provide a uniquely pleasurable experience.

A Variety of Sizes

Whether you enjoy the high-pitched tinkling of the smallest models, or you prefer the low, sonorous tolling of the largest Windsinger chimes, Woodstock wind chimes can offer you the perfect “sound setting” for your home, garden, or office. Made from renewable, non-endangered hardwoods and precision metal tubing, Woodstock wind chimes are also available in a variety of colors, to blend with any decor.

For many years, wind chimes were made primarily with their visual beauty in mind, but Woodstock wind chimes are, in the words of Garry Kvistad, “musical instruments that are played by the wind.” When you hear Woodstock wind chimes, you’ll immediately appreciate the purity of sound and the uniquely evocative way they suggest tunes, moods, and careful attention to musical structure.

Where to Order

Woodstock wind chimes are available from a number of online retailers. Just do an Internet search on “Woodstock wind chimes.” You can also browse the company’s web site, chimes.com, to obtain the name of a local retailer near your zip code.

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Choose Garden Wind Chimes For Gifts

Everybody wants a place in their home to relax or for the meditation. Garden could be the best place to hang around relaxing with family and friends. A well decorating garden always works to catch the eyes of the visitors. Some garden ornaments and accessories can transform the overall looks of the garden and make your garden stunning and beautiful. These is wide range of accessories available in the market like wind chimes, day beds, statues, fountains, metal ornaments and many more. You can choose these accessories according to the theme of the garden. Garden ornaments provide the finishing touch to your garden. Garden ornaments like wind chimes have become popular gifts for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, retirements, graduations and commemorations of all kinds. If you are looking for garden gifts wind chimes could be the best gift with the special meaning. Garden gifts like garden wind chimes increase the appearance and feel of the garden. Not just for gardens, wind chimes you can add them anywhere in the house. Melodious music will be soothing while you enjoy a peaceful time in the garden. There are new solar powered wind chimes that can light up during the nighttime. You cannot just hang any art outdoors because of the change in weather. There are special garden ornaments and accessories like outdoor wall art that can add great aesthetic value to your garden. Sunflower, butterflies, sun face, tropical fishes and concrete garden ornaments are some of the popular garden ornaments. These ornaments are also long lasting. You can also add bird feeder in your garden. They come in many shapes, sizes, colors and patterns. Carriage, tube, tray, cage, thistle, wall mount, chambered, Ferris, globe, lantern, mini tower, canopy, garden house are some of the widely used bird feeders. You can also choose them to gift to your friends.

Author is an executive; her hobbies are interior designing reading and writing. For more information Garden wind chimes visit our website.

Finding Vintage Chinese Wind Chimes

If you look in home improvement stores or peruse the web you will find many different contemporary Chinese wind chimes available for purchase. Chinese wind chimes are currently all the rage which is why they come in all kinds of colors, shapes and sizes and can be made out of a variety of materials. When it comes to wind chimes, almost everybody can find something that they like.

However some people simply don’t want anything that looks modern. Instead they would love to get their hands on vintage Chinese wind chimes, often for nostalgic reasons. Perhaps they remember that when they were young an elderly relative used to have remarkable Chinese wind chimes that made an exquisite sound if there was even the slightest breeze and have been longing for something similar. Unfortunately authentic vintage wind chimes are often very fragile and break quite easily, which is why they are so difficult to find now.

Keep Your Eyes Open

There are lots of places where you may be fortunate enough to come across some vintage Chinese wind chimes. If you keep your eyes peeled you may notice some for sale at a flea market, antique store, thrift shop or yard sale.

You never know when and where you will stumble upon some vintage Chinese wind chimes that nobody else seems to want, and you may be able to barter for an excellent price. Of course you will need to be patient since it may take months of searching before you hit upon something you like. Bear in mind that you are not the only person who is searching for old fashioned wind chimes.

Use the Internet

It is sometimes possible to find vintage Chinese wind chimes with a shopping search engine that deals in second hand goods. There are numerous sites you can use, but make sure you use the right keywords in order to increase your chances. Often it is possible to discover a great bargain for less than twenty dollars. Even if you don’t find exactly what you are looking for you may notice some chimes that are equally as pretty.

If you are unable to find any vintage Chinese wind chimes you like then your only other option is to purchase something which is contemporary but looks like an antique. You can do this by reading bamboo or glass Chinese wind chime reviews online and looking at pictures to see which designs look the most authentic.

Alternatively you can look in furniture and home improvement stores to see if they have anything that looks vintage but isn’t. Meanwhile continue to look for vintage Chinese wind chimes that really are old. You are bound to find something sooner or later if only you are tenacious enough.

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Wind Chimes Fill Your Garden With Music

In the movie Twister, chimes and gongs go wild when a tornado comes, a musical sounding of a frightening event. For most of us, though, garden wind chimes are nowhere near as stressful. They soothe and provide a musical backdrop to your daily life.

Available in all sizes from tiny tinkling versions to elaborate Music of the Spheres wind chimes, these instruments capture the elements and turn them into sound. Let’s look at some of the options and how you might go about picking the perfect musical accent for your home.

Your Choice of Garden Wind Chimes Depends on Where You Live

In an urban area, with everybody living on top of everybody else, you’ll need to consider your neighbors. Pick a smaller, less intrusive garden wind chime whose sound does not carry beyond your fence, and avoid putting up dozens of chimes which will clash with one another in high winds.

In a single family house you have much more leeway, allowing you to set up a larger chime with deeper and fuller tones.

Do you prefer the silvery tinkle of a smaller metal chime, or the percussive knocking of bamboo tubes? What about a simple brass gong? When picking out your chime you’ll need something that you can enjoy listening to, every day without fail.

Garden Wind Chimes are Built for Every Home and Budget

Let’s start at the top. If you want something really special, and have a very large yard, Music of the Spheres wind chimes are among the best available. Music of the Spheres wind chimes are actual musical instruments, arranged to play tunes. The largest models are taller than a man and cost thousands of dollars.

These are not your typical chimes, and there are few homes that can effectively host Music of the Spheres models. But if you are born musical and have the space for it, these instruments are definitely worth investigating.

For a more modest household, though, you can still pick a chime that reflects your character and interests. Decorative garden wind chimes come with horses, flowers, and golfers and dolphins. They are made in anything from metal to bamboo to tinkling glass (these double as light catchers). Costs vary from under $ 20 right up into the thousands.

Good garden wind chimes last for years, so consider this when picking out your favorite. It may be worth paying a little more to have them last longer. One of life’s treats is listening to the gentle sound of music on a summer’s day, sitting in a comfortable chair with a drink. With luck and care, one purchase will last you through many years of such treats.

Zoe Prestwick is a freelance writer who enjoys writing about home and garden. Zoe is a copywriter for Outdora, a retailer that specializes in heightening the outdoor experience. Located in Sonoma, California, Outdora is committed to customer service excellence and providing top of the line merchandise at unbeatable prices! Outdora offers an extensive inventory of Music of the Spheres chimes and other garden wind chimes

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Wind Chimes Of Yesterday And Today

Wind chimes make pleasant, tinkling sounds. As their name states, wind is the power that moves the tubes so that they contact each other to produce the chiming, or there is a center clapper that hits the tubes as the wind blows the chimes. People hang these sound makers where the wind will blow and the tubes will sound. Generally, the tubes are at a progression of sizes small to larger. The different sizes will have a different voice pitch so that a sweet, yet dissonant tune will play when the wind blows the chimes.

Wind Chimes – The History

The wind chimes that are made today come originally from the ancient East Indian wind-bells. Such wind-bells were placed high in the corners under the eves of pagodas to scare away the birds and the evil spirits. They were usually made of wood and brass. In later years, people in China started crafting wind-bells and hanging them under the eves and inside their temples and homes. The Japanese invented Furin or glass wind-bells. Soon wind-bells and chimes were used all over Asia.

Wind Chimes – Contemporary Use and Design

Today, there are many different styles and shapes of wind chiming mobiles. Instead of tubes or bells, sometimes objects of different appearances and sizes are strung together for a wind chime. Sometimes natural objects are strung together like shells, rocks, wood pieces, and more. Wind chime units are different sizes, as well. Some are only a few inches long, while others can be several feet long. Many chimes are handcrafted. The Japanese Furin is often beautifully hand painted.

Wind chime art is an ancient craft, but many people still do such craft projects today. Wind-bells and chimes are very easy to make and can be very simply decorated, or elaborately carved or painted. The wind-bells still made in India have fantastic design details of flowers and shapes in geometric patterns on each bell.

Otherwise, than hand crafting, many wind chime units are mass manufactured of cookie-cutter sizes fit together uniformly. These manufactured chimes are still lovely and can make a cheery addition to homes and businesses. Wind chimes are readily available for sale. The variety and size drastically varies, so people can choose them for personal taste, to match the style and decor of the house, and for the sound that is produced. The wind chime styles are influenced by a wide variety of international cultures. Still, they are very popular especially as gift items for home decor.

(http://www.windchimepros.com/index.html) A great selection, great tone, a great brand, and a great website – all combine to make this your one stop shopping place for wind chimes.

Hear the Wind Chimes Ring

The sound of the wind chimes tinkling in the soft breeze of a summer evening is indeed music made for a patio, deck or garden. Wind chimes add a sense of comfort and serenity to any backyard or patio. The chimes ring out contentedly as you swing back and forth on the porch swing, watching the sun as it sets beyond the horizon.

Apart from sounding nice they are relaxing too

Wind chimes have a soothing effect on our minds. The soft tinkling music of the wind chimes is believed to have a calming effect that releases stress from out bodies and recharges our spirits. The use of chimes comes from the philosophy of feng shui, which believes that the placement of objects, sound, colours and smells affects your daily life.

Wind chimes have been traditionally used in Asia for thousands of years. Buddhist monks attached them to the eaves of temples, pagodas and shrines to create musical sounds that resonated through the buildings. Later,chimes became a decorative art for private homes and are now seen virtually everywhere in doorways of homes and in backyards. They were originally made from bamboo, but can also be made from virtually any material that has been hollowed out to echo the sound of the wind.

You don’t have to have expensive wind chimes to beautify the sounds of your garden. There are simple ways to make your own inexpensive wind chimes – although they won’t look as decorative as the store bought ones.

How about something for the kids?

Children can even learn and have fun making wind chimes with the following procedure:


Styrofoam cups
Aluminum Pie Plates

Cut out shapes from the pie plates and glue on the inside of the Styrofoam cups. Punch a small hole through the bottom of the cup and thread a piece of string through it. Knot the string so that it won’t slip through the cup. Tie a nail on the end of the string inside the cup and tie the other end to some object that will allow the cup to hang. When the cup blows in the wind, the sound of the nail hitting the aluminum will give a musical sound. Well, the kids will hear music anyway.

Wind chimes make graceful gifts for all occasions and are greatly appreciated by everyone.

Tyler Bond is a writer for Outdoor Patio Furniture, a blog which is dedicated to bring consumers reviews, tips, and comparisons of all different types of patio furniture, from Do it yourself Furniture, to Patio Umbrellas.

Affordable Wind Chimes

Decorating your garden or outdoor area in front of ones home happens only with an array of garden ornaments and accessories. But this is all about the cash matter. Cheap garden accessories are also available in the market. Some garden wind chimes, day beds can improve the overall looks of the garden. Using this idea can you can make your garden the main attraction of your home. These accessories make your garden the most beautiful place of the home to catch every one eyes. You can use the affordable price accessories in the market. Using mind and spend some time for your garden you can transform your garden. After decorating your garden using garden ornaments and accessories, your garden will be most important part of the home that visitors can see – let them into the magical world created by you. You will be surprise with the looks of the garden when you will decorate your garden. The final touches to any garden or lawn are the wind chimes. Wind chimes make the feel of the garden, once youve decided on the tuning and size of the chimes; youll want to decide the location to hang them. Theres no specific rule for hanging chimes and it is always possible to move them according to the purpose of the space. You can add them near the front door, on the deck and situated throughout the yard. Everywhere you walk, the gentle sounds of music serenade the environment. Your neighbors also will be happy with the sounds and will be impressing with your art. Wind chimes could also be the best gift to your friends and love one with the special message. If you do want that special gift that sends a meaningful message using wind chimes. I always choose recommend engraved hand tuned wind chimes. Its possible to choose from a wide range of chimes and add an inscription. Engraved wind chimes have become popular gifts for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, retirements, graduations and commemorations of all kinds.

Author is an executive; her hobbies are interior designing reading and writing. For more information Garden wind chimes visit our website.