Wind Power For the Home

The environment is in crisis, and the whole world is looking for alternatives to fossil fuel. Scientists are searching for options that are not only eco-friendly, but can be manufactured inexpensively enough to fit into almost any budget. Unfortunately, we’re lagging behind. The technology exists, but until perceptions are changed and more funding is given to alternative energy research, costs remain high for the average person to install most products that generate solar and wind power for the home, independently of public power companies.

The installation of a windmill has traditionally been a costly prospect. Even though installing personal wind power for the home will save the homeowner significant amounts of money in the long run, making the investment pay off in time, the initial outlay dissuades most people from the investment. However, there now exist very inexpensive – yet robust – solutions to providing homemade wind power for homes, allowing homeowners to see a return on their investment in a matter of weeks rather than years. Do-it-yourselfers will find excellent kits now available to help them harness wind power for their homes.

What to consider when purchasing a windmill

If you’ve made the decision to buy personal wind power for your home, you’re to be congratulated. Your decision will benefit not only you, but contribute toward cleaning up the environment in general – and on behalf of the rest of the world, thanks very much! We’re happy to see you eliminate your power bill and set the example for good stewardship in the process. Just remember that there are important things to consider before making your purchase.

Ideally, your windmill should be set up in a spot where the average wind speed is 11 miles per hour. Slightly lower speeds, however, are still reaping results for people, so it’s a judgment call.
Plan in advance. Decide how much output you want the windmill to generate – with such a small initial cost, it’s perfectly possible to buy 2 or even 3 windmill kits and still be financially ahead in a very short time.
Look for sturdy, robust components. If you live in an area that frequently gets heavy winds, you don’t want to risk damage to your investment.
Compare the price of the equipment available on the market, and opt for the one that best suits your site and budget.

What features to look for in a DIY windmill

Helpful illustrations. Seeing what the finished product is supposed to look like helps tremendously over relying on text alone. Find a kit that provides clear visuals and your project will go much more smoothly.
Well written guide. If the manual that comes with your kit is too technical, or simply poorly written, it will only create frustration. Be sure you find a kit with easy-to-read-and-follow instructions.
Component descriptions. Your guide should give you detailed descriptions (including pictures) of all the components you will need to install wind power to the home, including describing which components are best for your unique situation.
Local information. It’s a pretty poor guide that tells you all about where in Prague you can buy your equipment, while you sit reading it in Provo. Look for one that will provide you with information on equipment that can be purchased in your local area.

It’s not just possible to get inexpensive wind power to the home, it’s the smart move to make. For less than 0, no experience, and a few hours work, you can be lowering or even eliminating your power bill for good. With a homemade windmill, you might even find that the power company is paying you for the excess energy you’re generating! Live off the grid. Find out more by visiting

Home Wind Generators

Home wind generators offer the opportunity of saving money whilst helping the environment. So why don’t more people install them? They may have been seen as an expensive solution years ago, but now there are ways for those ‘in the know’ to dramatically cut costs, so more of us can benefit from free electricity!

So many of us are sick and tired of ever-increasing electricity bills. Not to mention the wasting of precious resources which are used to produce much of our electricity. Surely there must be a more environmentally aware and cheaper way to power our modern lives!

For most of us, there are two possible alternatives – solar power or wind power.

Solar Power is improving as a technology every day. However, the panels are still often very expensive to buy and install. Also, the sun has the irritating tendency to go in at night, just when you want to switch the TV on. And in winter, the sun’s power is reduced just as you need to start using the tumble drier again. How inconsiderate!
Wind power is really a pretty old technology, so it is pretty simple. Certainly there are those who are prejudiced against wind turbines, claiming they are ugly and noisy. But if you asked these people to choose between the attractiveness and silence of a wind turbine or a diesel powered generator, they might change their opinion!

Home wind generators are often seen as an expensive way of wearing your environmental credentials on your sleeve. Which is fine if that is important to you. But most of us are more interested in saving money, and the idea of a 15 year payback period just doesn’t sound so great.

Fortunately, there is a solution. The basic technology is extremely simple. Instead of ‘generator’, think of a simple electric motor, the technology of which has been around since the 1820s. If you turn the rotor, you get electricity out. And the idea of using a propeller to collect the wind’s energy to turn the rotor goes back to windmills used for pumping water and grinding grains over 1000 years ago!

As the technology is so simple, it must be possible for the a person of average intelligence to build there own wind turbine system. And it is. The main things you will need are:

A generator. Simple to find if you know where to look
A blade. Simple to make if you know how
Some batteries. To store the excess electricity you produce, until you need it
Some basic DIY skills. You will need to know which end of the screwdriver to hold if you are going to build your own wind generator!

Some of the materials can be sourced for nothing, without getting a criminal record, if you know the right places to ask. The rest can easily be found for less than $ 200 in hardware stores or on the internet.

To find out more about residential wind turbines and how to make them, please go to Then you can start saving money while you save the earth’s resources. How good will that feel?

Wind Chimes: A Charming Way To Enhance Your Home Decor

When it comes to complimenting a patio or adding interest to a flower garden, or any other area of the landscape, nothing is quite as charming or alluring as the haunting melody of wind chimes. But wind chimes aren’t just for patio or garden yard decor. There are a variety of ways to enhance interior decor while enjoying the benefits of feng shui in the home using just the right set of wind chimes.

The mystic world of the Chinese is alluring because of their focus on balance and calm. This is especially true in regards to nature. The vital element in their walk through gardens, for instance, is a type of partnership with nature. Even their unique home decor is designed to encourage tranquility, and a harmonious balance.

Using the five elements of earth, fire, metal, water, and wood, feng shui embodies both the good and the bad for a more perfect balance. Feng shui enhances a sense of unity through sight, and touch, as well as meditative, disciplined intellect.

This perfect balance for more positive energy flow can also be achieved through peaceful, tranquil sounds. The fluid, melodious sounds made by tuned wind chimes can counteract negative irritating background noise to create a more peaceful environment.

A serene garden, patio, or landscape setting can be enhanced by the soothing visual effect created by wind chimes, stirred by the wind. Their harmonizing tones glide across the air current, stimulating the senses and permeating the whole area with peaceful, soothing sounds. Traffic and other intrusive noises have been masked, and feng shui has been achieved.

That same calming effect achieved by a wind chime can also be realized inside of the house. Whether you are into country home decor, Southwest decor, or flirt with a more sophisticated interior design, just the right set of wind chimes can add that personal, creative touch for a more peaceful, relaxing environment.

Today’s tuned wind chimes come in many sizes and designs. Various materials and metals are incorporated, using a careful design to achieve the most harmonious sound possible. This magic formula exploits the benefits of perfectly tuned sounds that are both therapeutic and relaxing. The annoying clang and clink of yesteryear’s cheap, out of tune wind chimes create a negative energy flow and irritates neighbors

The best sounding wind chimes are tuned using the pentatonic scale. Blues and folk musicians, and Eastern cultures, as well as many others, prefer this scale for its harmonious versatility and compatibleness tonality. When the air current captures the tuned pipes, each note made is compatible to the others; each “song” unique and captivating.

The different lengths of pipe used create baritone, alto, tenor, or soprano tones. Reminiscent of church bells; romantic, soothing, and haunting.

The key to the tone created by the striker or clapper when it hits the pipe is in the contact point. Points of contact on the pipe called “anti-nodes” vibrate most and produce a fuller sound, free from tinny-sounding after notes.

Crafters of quality, perfectly tuned wind chimes take advantage of this scientific factor. They produce a product not only pleasing to the eye, but pleasant to the ear, as well. Today’s conscientious consumer has a variety of models, sizes, and price ranges from which to select. Wind chimes are made from various woods, metals, and other materials, to appease any taste, and compliment any surrounding.

Lawn and garden centers, gift shops, specialty shops, and many department stores carry a wide assortment of wind chimes from which to choose. However, many persons opt to purchase wind chimes online, for convenience and competitive pricing.

Enhance your home decor with a carefully selected wind chime that produces the note range you most prefer. Some people like combining the benefits of two different sets of wind chimes, blending the lower tones of one with a lighter melody of another.

When used along side an indoor floor or table top waterfall or fountain, the whole atmosphere of the room becomes peaceful and calming to frazzled nerves. Chimes with small diameter pipes produce a higher octave, and best complement the sounds made by water. Family rooms, dens, foyers, or a cozy corner of the bedroom are especially enhanced by the creative use of a wind chime.

According to early folklore, wind chimes were once hung over people’s doorways to keep evil spirits at bay. Modern day home owners can use wind chimes to add visual charm and deter “negative energy,.” by offering the listener soothing sounds by which to relax.

Feng shui suggests northwestern areas near statues or archways as good places to hang single specimens of wind chimes. Where ever they are placed, hang them where they will not interfere with desired mood or other pleasing sounds already present. Use wind chimes as a compliment, compatible to the area, and to enhance other elements.

Wind chimes hung on a distinctive hanger on a patio near the house can be enjoyed both indoors and out. Their harmonizing, seductive sound will both relax and tantalize all who hear; sweet, rich notes both you, and nature, will enjoy.

Enhance the atmosphere in your home while adding to the beauty of your interior design. Melodic wind chimes…a unique and charming way to compliment any style decor, inside or out.

Rachel Betzen operates an on-line wind chimes store and is committed to social and environmental business practices. Rachel is grateful for the change of pace that comes from managing chronic illness, along with it’s challenges and many blessings. She enjoys gardening and the practice of writing in nature.

Wind Chimes – Making the Most of Your Home When Your Relaxing Outside

Whether you love lounging around the front porch watching the world go by or prefer hanging out on your back porch taking in the summer or fall air, you can’t go wrong if you add some beautiful sounds to your life. And we’re not talking about your run of the mill chimes either. You can transform your outdoor abode into a Japanese Kabuki theater or the meditation wonders of the monks Gregorian tones.

If you enjoy the simple pleasure of escaping into the sanctuary of your mind there is nothing that compares to music to assist in putting you into the right space. Many people will use earphones and white noise to escape the noise of the world, but wouldn’t it be better if you could escape into your solitude by literally setting the tone of your escape?

You must admit that being able to put yourself into the mindset of an eight century medieval church is intriguing. I know you’re wonder how. Well it’s very simple really, you see chimes are like any other musical instrument. They have a harmonic resonance that can be tuned by their shape, size, and material that they are made up of. The good folks at Woodstock Wind Chimes decided to recreate some of the great sounds that they discovered and recorded as they traveled around the world.

Now that you’re thinking about all those wonderful earthly tones, let me introduce you to the “not so earthly” tones. You can take yourself to another world with a series of “out of this world” chimes. That’s right, there is even a series of “planetary” chimes. One of the features of chimes that are part of a series is that they are “tuned” to the same scales. This means that whether you own one or all of the series, they will always complement each other.

Wind chimes are a percussion instrument. A percussion instrument is defined as an instrument that makes sound when it is struck. So while the wind may be responsible for the random movement of the parts, the pipes being struck are what generate the tones.

Why do I mention this? Because that is the same type of instrument as Big Ben, the famous clock in England. That’s right you can even take yourself away with a “Baby Ben” Woodstock Percussion Wind Chime.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your favorite book, sipping drink, and head out to your favorite lounge chair. Climb in take a trip deep inside yourself.

Ed Brooks is a freelance copywriter for Outdora, an ecommerce site located in beautiful Sonoma, California, which specializes in helping you make the most of your outdoor experience. Outdora has a massive selection of wind chimes including Woodstock Percussion wind chimes and Music of the Spheres

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Finding The Perfect Garden Wind Chimes For Your Home Or Garden

Have you considered garden wind chimes for your home but not sure which ones to buy? There are many different wind chimes to choose from for your home or your garden, but you need to keep a few things in mind before you purchase one. Having a wind chime or even multiple chimes can give completeness to your home or outdoor garden because every time the wind blows, a song radiates through the tubes.

The first thing you need to consider when buying these chimes is the materials, many people assume bamboo is the best wind chimes, but the metal materials last much longer outdoors, especially if you live in a rainier climate with more humidity because the bamboo will eventually warp and crack. In addition, the metal or bamboo can have different tones depending on the thickness and length.

One of the nicest aspects to purchasing one is the large selection of designs you can choose. Most chimes come in tubes, but you can also find them as bells, that work nicely during the holiday season. The bell chimes have different thickness and designed so that when the wind blows on them, the combination of tones is lovely. The tube chimes, also are made to make different sounds when the wind gently bounces them into each other. Tiny tubes make a higher pitched sound while the long fatter tubes make a deeper sound when they hit each other in the wind.

There is a variety of lengths that the garden chimes come in, but you should make sure that you have the space to hang the long ones because if not, someone might hit their head on it if it is hanging in a doorway too low. In addition, keep in mind that longer chimes tend to make more noise when they bang against each other, especially if you live in a windy climate.

One of the nicest aspects to garden chimes is they come with a variety of tubes and the more tubes, the more melodies it is capable of playing. Therefore, if you want several tunes, purchase them with several tubes, or you can purchase more than one to create a beautiful mood and atmosphere in your garden.

Lastly, garden wind chimes all have a sail, which is the part of the chime that will catch the wind and ultimately move the tubes to make the melodies. It is the size of the sail that makes it chimes begin moving in the breeze, some sails are extremely sensitive and others are requires a few miles an hour of wind to make the chimes being making melody. There are many parts of the wind chimes to consider when you are buying one or more for your garden, they are beautiful and truly, a time-tested tradition that people have been using to make wind-music for hundreds of years.

Welcome to Wreath Chimes And More, inside you will discover an amazing selection of low priced and excellent quality garden wind chimes.